5 Weekly Tarot Spreads For Your Readings

Weekly tarot spreads as their name suggests are spreads that we can do on a weekly basis. Some of them are created for set days and some give us an overview of our week as a whole.

We’ve created 5 weekly spreads to help you invigorate, prepare and reflect so you can adapt your work and free time to best suit YOUR needs and desires.

How To Use A Weekly Tarot Spread

Using a weekly tarot spread is very easy. Just set up for a tarot reading in your usual way and ask each question in order. As you do this pull a card and place it where the spread indicates.

There are some spreads that suggest being used on a certain day but this is just because it works with the generic working week of Monday-Friday. You should adapt these spreads and perform them so they work for your individual schedule.

For example if your working schedule begins on a different day to the typical Monday then you should perform the Monday Motivation Tarot Spread on YOUR first working day of the week.

Adapt all the spreads in this manner. Your tarot practice is custom built by and for you. It only needs to serve you and so should your spreads.

1. Monday Motivation Weekly Tarot Spread

Monday motivation weekly tarot spread

This spread provides a clear format to set goals for the coming week. It provides a space to contemplate how we can best use our time and gives gentle guidance to motivate us though the week.

Though it has Monday in the title this is just to suit the typical work week. This spread should be performed on the morning of your first day of work.

  1. Big picture. Take one card from your deck that symbolizes your goals for this week and place it face up here. For example if you have a health goal you may wish to take the Strength card or perhaps for a financial goal the 9 or 10 of Pentacles.
  2. What tools may I need to break down this goal into actual steps?
  3. What is a physical action I can take to manifest this goal?
  4. What is a mental thought, mantra or belief I can hold to manifest this goal?
  5. What is a weakness that may stall or halt my progress this week and how do I overcome it?
  6. What can I do to stay motivated this week?

2. Mid-Week Boost Tarot Spread

Mid-week boost tarot spread

The mid-week slump means feeling deflated because we are only half way through our working week but already tired yet the weekend still feels out of reach.

This spread helps us overcome the mid-week blues by delivering a slice happy to cut through the hustle and bustle of our schedule. This tarot spread works best when performed at the half way point between your working week and your down time.

  1. What small activity, hobby or social event could I plan mid-week to give me a boost?
  2. What is one thing I have to be grateful for?
  3. How can I improve my tasks and responsibilities and make them more enjoyable? (For example listening to an audiobook during the work commute.)
  4. What little treat could I reward myself with mid-week?
  5. How can I adapt my morning routine to set my working days for success?
  6. What am I missing that is causing me to feel low mid-week?
  7. What do I need to provide myself with so I feel supported throughout my week?

3. TGIF Weekly Tarot Spread

TGIF weekly tarot spread

This spread gives us a forecast for the Weekend and guidance of what activities we should prioritize in our downtime. It also helps us enjoy our working life more so we can have that Friday feeling everyday.

Please note that even though this spread suggests being performed on a Friday it should be read on YOUR last working day of the week.

  1. What can I provide for myself so everyday feels more enjoyable/restful?
  2. How can I use my free time in the week to refresh and get that ‘Friday feeling’?
  3. How can I create and maintain boundaries to protect my free time from work interference?
  4. How can I maximize my efficiency so I have as much free time as possible?
  5. What activity should I prioritize on Saturday/my first day off work?
  6. What activity should I prioritize on Sunday/my next day off?
  7. (Optional.) If you have more than 2 days off in a row for example a vacation then you should pull a card for each of those days and ask ‘what activity should I prioritize on X day?’

4. Sunday-Prep Tarot Spread

Sunday-prep tarot spread

Reflect over the past week with this spread and receive advice for how to learn from the highs and lows we experienced. Be guided to take what we have learned and implement it into our plans for the week ahead.

Though this spread suggests Sunday it should be performed on the evening of your last rest day to prepare for your first working day.

  1. What was the lesson that this past week was trying to teach me?
  2. What did I do well and should continue to do this coming week?
  3. What went wrong/what mistake(s) did I learn from this week?
  4. How did my mindset impact my productivity or results this week?
  5. Did I progress on my goals this past week and if not what stopped me?
  6. Where did I waste time or resources and how can I prevent this from happening this week?
  7. What will be my goal/focus for this coming week?
  8. Does my plan still reflect my goals and is it working or do I need to adapt to any unforeseen changes?
  9. If in doubt what is one action I should do this week?
  10. What is one thought I should remember throughout this coming week?

5. Weekly Snapshot Tarot Spread

Weekly snapshot tarot spread

This spread reveals what the coming week has in store for us. It suggests how we should embrace each day. Unlike the other spreads in this article this one is not adapted to the generic Monday-Friday schedule. It simply lists the days of the week and the advice received will already be specified to your individual schedule.

Ask one question only as you lay the following 7 cards down: What is in store for me this week and how can I fully embrace each day for all it has to offer?

  1. Monday
  2. Tuesday
  3. Wednesday
  4. Thursday
  5. Friday
  6. Saturday
  7. Sunday