How to Choose a Tarot Deck: Complete Guide for Beginners

Tarot decks are one of the most common tools of Divination. They help you with guidance on matters that you can’t seem to resolve on your own. Choosing a tarot deck is an important step in your journey as a practitioner.

You will be relying on it for a long period to conduct your readings, so finding that one deck that will be by your side throughout your life plays a really important role in your experience as a practicing witch or warlock.

There are many steps that go into choosing the right tarot deck; but you will have to trust your gut instincts through each and every one of the steps that you’ll come across in this article, because your intuition will tell you when a deck is right for your spiritual journey.

Like almost everything else in witchcraft and spirituality, tarot readings come from a point of connecting with your higher self and tapping into a more powerful vibration. This stays true for your tarot readings and your deck selection process.

Readings will often require lots of concentration and energy, however, having a deck you’re connected to can ease things up for you by presenting you with vivid and easily understandable imagery. This way, you’ll spend less energy on trying to interpret what the cards are trying to tell you.

If you have been looking for a complete guide to choosing the right tarot deck for your endeavors, then consider us your personal advisors as we take you through the process of choosing the right deck.

Let’s get started!

Can you buy yourself a tarot deck?

A common misconception about tarot decks is that you shouldn’t be the one to pick out your deck, but it’s time to debunk this myth.

Tarot cards were first brought into use by Italians in the Renaissance era. While they originated as a card game meant to be a pastime, Romany people soon turned these cards into a tool of Divination.

From there, tarot cards became more reputable in terms of Divine Insight, than they were as a game; and nowadays, Divinatory practices are the only things that these cards are associated with.

tarot ritual

Yet, the esoteric myths that surround these Divinatory cards haven’t exactly vanished. When the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn came around, two centuries after the invention of tarot cards, they had a rather complicated initiation process for new members.

You had to enter a temple or ritual area, walk clockwise towards the East and perform a series of rituals to be accepted into this Order. Upon successful initiation, a tarot deck would be gifted to every acolyte. This marked the beginning of a lot of rumors about how you shouldn’t purchase a tarot deck, but you should receive it as a gift.

However, these were more rumors, myths that carried on through time; and just like how people don’t believe the Earth is flat anymore, most practitioners don’t believe that you have to wait on a special mentor to give you a set of tarot cards. Because in full truth, waiting around for that kind of a gift would hinder your progress with the art of tarot reading.

Nobody wants to wait a decade just to receive their cards when they can go out and buy a set, that’s ten years of practice missed. This is why choosing a tarot deck is important.

When you choose your own deck, you have the kind of control and connection that provides accurate readings. When you pick out a deck, you’ll be able to assert your presence over it and figure out power dynamics between you and your Divinatory tool.

How do you know if a Tarot Deck is right for you?

Finding the right tarot deck is like finding the one. Once you manage to pick out the correct tarot deck, you can practice with it for years - or even your whole life, depending on how well you care for it.

The rough part is encountering that special deck, because in some cases, it can take a lot more time than you first anticipated. This is because spirituality relies heavily on sensual perception.

In other words, knowing if a tarot deck is right for you depends on how the deck makes you feel. That being said, your intentions also play a great part in finding your lifelong divination companion.

Every intention calls for a different tarot deck. While this might result in you buying multiple decks in the future, you will be better off if you focus on one intention at a time to pick your deck.

Once you align your vibrations with the desired intention, it’ll be easier for you to connect with the right deck. You’ll know this by how the visuals appeal to you. Most people describe it as a sense of completion or coming home, but in other words, finding the right deck of cards will give you a sense of familiarity and knowing.

tarot witch ritual

Spirituality and Divination both work on a basis of connection, so take note of how you’re feeling. When a deck stirs something in you; or when you feel connected to a deck just by holding it, you can safely proceed with your purchase.

However, if you’re looking for a more definitive answer, you can always carry your pendulum with you and try asking it if a specific deck is right for you.

Types of tarot decks to choose from

When you do a substantial amount of research on tarot cards, you’ll see that there are quite a few options to go around. As cartomancy became more widespread around the world, more decks were developed by practitioners, for practitioners.

Here are a few options to get you started:


Tarot Rider-Waite is one of the most popular decks in cartomancy. It consists of your regular Major and Minor Arcana - perfect for beginners.


The deck was published by A.E Waite, who then became synonymous with the deck. With the illustrations of Pamela Coleman Smith, Rider-Waite came to life even more vividly and became one of the easiest decks to understand.

Thoth Tarot

Thoth’s roots are set in Ancient Egypt. Curated by the famous occultist Alastair Crowley and illustrated by Freida Harris, Thoth is a unique deck in all aspects. The depictions are different from your usual Major Arcana, but the symbolism remains the same. Thoth is perfect for people who are looking for a more sensual and connected tarot experience.

The Wild Unknown

The Wild Unknown is a deck that’s heavily connected with the animal kingdom. It allows you to tap into the wisdom of ancient animal spirits. This deck can give you insight on the present and the future, so if you’re looking for a deck that will reunite you with nature while giving you all the other benefits of cartomancy, you’ve found your deck.

The Enchanted Tarot

The Enchanted Tarot is one of the more unique decks out there. This is because its creators (husband and wife duo Amy Zerner and Monte Farber) claim that The Enchanted Tarot could be used to conduct long distance readings without losing its effect. If you plan on working with international clients or want to be able to give people readings from a distance, this could be your ideal deck.

Tips for your Tarot Deck purchase

If you’re still not sure about how to pick tarot cards for beginners, then you’re going to love this section. The list below contains specific tips for you to follow when buying your first tarot deck.

If you’re ready, let’s go over those!

Magical tarot

Choose a system, you can go with Rider-Waite Smith, Thoth or other decks, but you need to know what appeals to you first.

  • Pick a deck for personal readings and another for public readings, that way you won’t have to deal with energy mixups.
  • Make sure the deck’s voice agrees with you, every deck has a different purpose and should be used accordingly.
  • Take a peek at the cards. This lets you get a feel of what it would be like to work with them.

How to care for your Tarot Deck

Did you know that your tarot deck can get exhausted too?

Just like your crystals, and perhaps your aura, your chosen tarot deck will also need cleansing. You can try to keep them safely tucked in a box with a crystal inside, or run some incense over them before practicing.

Other methods can be keeping a bowl of salt with you during sessions or wrapping your cards with a cloth when you’re done. As time passes, you’ll be able to tell what works best for you as a cartomancer.

Remember that this is the beginning of a long journey; and always trust your intuition.

Happy practicing!

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