Beltane Flower Of Self-love tarot (or oracle) Spread

It’s Beltane, lovelies! Coming at ya with a Beltane tarot spread for y’all to try (but works with oracle cards too:)

This is Flower of Self Love from my deck’s guidebook and it follows the life of a flower so we can see our own inner beauty and value

1 What earth based action can I take right now to feel better?
2 What is my soil -my life fuel?
3 Petals (looks) fade, what are the very roots of me?
4 What do I value about myself?
5 What parts of myself do I need to water and tend?
6 How can I love my thorns, my shadow?
7 What can others see in me that I currently don’t?
8 What is my Sun, my guide?



Here is my reading with this spread, oooh guys we had a little tingly magic moment when I got the sun for question 8! This is what I love about tarot. Never a dull moment the magic never fades. It can always surprise us 🤩


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