Journal prompts to ease anxiety

Oh dear my lovelies, these are tough times indeed. So much anxiety and we all seem to be feeling it globally.

I don’t intend to say I’ve got the cure for anxiety by any means but I’ve suffered with anxiety on and off all my life. Lately I’ve been using these prompts when I feel it all getting a bit too much and it’s helped taking the edge off. The point of these prompts is to slowly and calmly bring ourselves back into the moment and shift our minds away from fearful and speculative to a more positive and grateful mindset

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You have my blessing to screenshot the pictogram for quick access, if I don’t have time to journal just reading the prompts and answering them mentally has also been really helpful.

How to journal with these prompts

-Grab a cuppa (hot cocoa never did me wrong) get your cozied clothes and a blanket and sit down with your favourite notebook and pen

  • Before you open your book and get to writing just take three really deep and calm breaths, with every exhale relax your muscles and let the stress leave your body
  • Open your notebook and before reading the prompts just wriiiiiiiiite. Get whatever it is you are feeling out onto the page, let it pour from you. Now we have exorcised this away let’s begin with the prompts, answer each one in turn taking as much time as you need

  1. When I get anxious what does this actually feel like in my body?
  2. When I notice these feelings in my body what can I do to ground myself?
  3. Does worrying (the act of anxiety) even actually ‘work’ or ‘achieve anything’?
  4. What positive things can I do instead?
  5. A list of things that ARE within my control 
  6. A list of things I am grateful for

I hope that this helps at least a few of you out there, stay indoors, stay safe and stay witchy 😘✌️

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