Litha prism of light tarot spread

For Litha/the Summer Solstice I wanted to create a comprehensive tarot spread illuminating our polarities of internal light and shadow... 

I’m not an only light and fluff kind of girl, I love me a bit of tall, dark & handsome shadow work as I believe it brings balance to the psyche throughout the year. Here’s a spread you can use on Litha, or the Summer Solstice, 21st of June. The longest day of the year marks the height of summer. This is the last day that has lengthening evenings, from this day on the nights slowly begin to draw in. As shadow always does, it follows us. Use this spread to help shed light on your warmth and light and also your depth and shadow. Follow with a nice shadow work journaling sesh (for a step by step guide on that, click here)


Cards 1-4 expand on the Sun’s light and positivity. Cards 5-8 divulge the shadow side and how we can shed some light on it during this equinox. Card 9 is a clarifying action card if you feel you need it


  1. What is shining in me right now?
  2. What is on the horizon?
  3. Where should my beam of focus land?
  4. Where should I show more warmth?
  5. Where are shadows being cast in me?
  6. How can I shed light on them?
  7. What is the darkness I am leaving behind? 
  8. What will be my power for this solar period? (Until winter solstice)
  9. *optional clarifier/if you feel you need it place in the centre. What action should I take? 

If you’d like to buy this deck, well you’re in luck tap here

Enjoy and Happy Summer Solstice, loves

Stay witchin 😘✌️


  • Wow! Thank you for clarity.

    Vickie Jo
  • Wow! Thank you for clarity.

    Vickie Jo

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