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Hello lovelies, today’s blog is for all of you that are currently on your journey to learn tarot. It really is a journey, it’s not just about memorising each card but also developing a relationship and memories with each card and this takes time. Here is a list of resources that can help with the studious part and also a few tips and products which can help your intuition bloom and flow.

Online Resources

There are so many wonderful resources online and most of these are free. This section of these links are all for learning tarot:

Trainee Tarot and Tarot Tips by Kelly-Ann Maddox

Tarot Course by Ethony

Learn The Basics and Card Definitions by Biddy Tarot

Tarot Map 


This section is less about tarot learning and more about online readers and is a lot of fun. Watching other’s read and seeing the connections they make can really help on our own journey. These are my favourites:

She bear


The Quietest Revolution

moonlight guidance 


Tarot Books

My current favourite tarot books 

You Hold The Cards by Sophie De Merteuil -Using tarot for more than divination to manifest your dreams and let your inner wisdom guide you

Modern Tarot by Michelle Tea -I love the descriptions of each card in this book. Excellent resource  for how tarot translates into this day and age

Tarot For Self Care by Minerva Siegel -This book is wonderful for quarantine. Use as a reference book and search for each card and it’s corresponding small act of self care

The Language Of Tarot by Jeannie Read -This book uses each card like a word in a sentence, which is the spread


Intuition books

These books aren’t really for tarot but they are wonderful for bookomancy (simply flip to a page as if you were shuffling a deck and get ready to be blown away.) These books are dripping with feminine energy and reading just a few pages will invigorate my intuition ready for a reading

Great Goddesses and Fierce Fairytales by Nikita Gill

The Holy Wild by Danielle Dulsky

Women Who Run With Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes



I love a good journal. There’s something cathartic about writing whilst I learn, I seem to retain information better. I noticed the need for 2 types of journals, a blank/lined one to document the meanings and record what I learn. And another to gather the more intuitive parts like readings, dreams and meditations. To this day these are the journals I use:

Peter Pauper Press  -For documenting process

Magic of I Astrological Planner -For time management/planning time to read

Modern Tarot Journal -For recording intuitions I currently use a journal I made myself, pictured above. However I have preordered and I’m so excited about it.


Tea and Candles

So the resources in this section are not strictly necessary to your tarot learning journey but they do make it much more comfortable, meaning you are likely to enjoy it more and spend more time doing it which will lead to your reading sooner and more accurately


Kusmi Tea -This tea, is delicious, spearmint and green tea. The mint seems to awaken my intuition and the green tea grounds and soothes me. I always brew this tea for my daily pull and tarot journal sesh

Crystal infused candles by my dear friend Nola at cailleach candles  

Butterfly mug from BeautifulRemainsShop 


I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out a few of these resources and products that can help you along on your tarot learning journey. None of these products are sponsored I just really love them and use them daily and paid for them with my own money


Stay witchin, loves 😘✌️

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  • I wasabsolutely on the look out for some resources that would help me in my tarot reading journey…this was such a great help! Thanks..

    Purbita Bose

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