Manifesting With Tarot

Here’s a tutorial for a spell I’ve made that uses tarot cards and I’ve called it ‘the bringer-in-er’

it’s very easy to perform and requires few spell ingredients. Easy but effective. This spell uses the messenger & deliverer aspect of the pages within tarot to bring an opportunity to you when you need it. Each page card can be personalised to tailor the spell to your needs, this is explained later.



🕯Materials for your usual circle casting or set up

🕯A tarot deck

🕯White candle

🕯Paper clip


This is my tarot deck I embroidered each card design by hand. You can get it here


🕯Cast a circle or prepare your space for spell-craft in your usual way

🕯Find the Page of your tarot deck that best suits your needs:

Page of pentacles -Use for health, healing, time management, basic resources and skills/money for everyday living

Page of cups -Use for bringing in a new person/relationship, to start a difficult conversation, heal relationships, new love

Page of wands -Use for a new job or promotion, to find or develop a hobby and happiness

Page of Swords -Use for a dream, a new thought or idea, for closure after an argument, for peace of mind, to prepare for exams, for education or spells to do with justice and law

🕯Once you have selected which Page best applies to what you want to bring in (go with your gut) light your candle

🕯High above the flame so you don’t burn yourself hold the card in your non-dominant upturned palm. Spend a few moments looking at the card and get very clear on what this opportunity would mean for you, how it will make you feel, the difference it would bring to your life. Be careful not to focus on what the opportunity itself would look like when it pops up, allow the universe to bring this to you in the shape it needs to be. Focus on the results not the introduction. For instance if you want to feel happy imagine waking up happy, how your body would feel, how your face would smile, don’t think of say a pay rise and a new house cos you think these things will make you happy, trust the universe will bring you what will make you happy, not necessarily the physical things you think you need

🕯Still holding the card write In your journal everything you thought, felt and saw for yourself. Paperclip the card over your writing (or you can draw/photograph and print the card if you need the deck to remain intact.)

🕯Close the book and thank the universe for already setting everything in motion to bring this to you and close down your space in your usual way

🕯Then celebrate, you did it 😉

This is my tarot deck I embroidered each card design by hand. You can get it here

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