A comforting charm for gifts to grieving loved ones

For the creative witch or spell caster that would like to comfort a friend or loved one during stress, grief or any difficult time said loved one might be going through

Using basic ingredients, our creativity and our will we make a gift (using your skills and medium of choice) and then apply a comforting charm to the gift to help our loved one and take the edge off of the very raw emotions they are currently feeling


Magpie embroidery

I recently embroidered a magical pet memorial portrait for a friend who missed their dear sweet furbabe a lot and I wanted to share a comforting charm you can use on any object you wish to send to a grieving loved one

Wrapped with doily and butterfly ephemera, dried flowers and wax seal


🧶 Your creative project of choice and all the materials needed for it 

🧶 Dried lavender (and an organza bag if your creative project is NOT embroidery)

🧶 White pillar candle

🧶 cinnamon oil

🧶 lavender stalks or any dried purple flowers

🧶 Any string

🧶 pine tree wax stamp

🧶 Mixed green wax beads

🧶 White tea light

🧶 Brush Pen metallic marker in silver

🧶 Plain vellum

🧶 my embroidered stickers  

🧶 tarot card gift tag template 

🧶 Hole punch 

🧶 Pritt stick style glue



🧶 Create your thing. For me that’s embroidery, with every stitch I am pouring my focus and love into the project. I want it to feel like they are being hugged. For you it may be painting,writing, poetry, ceramics, drawing. Whatever you like to create do it with all your heart and soul and think of your loved one throughout.

🧶 When I finish off my hoop I add lavender into the back before I finish blanket stitching it closed. For your item you may pop the lavender into an organza bag and apply this to the back of the canvas or inside the ceramic mug or taped to it someday.

🧶 At your altar or place or sacred spell casting light my working candle (that has been anointed with cinnamon oil) and I stitch my blessing into the piece as I finish the back: I ask the universe and all the powers that be to bless the new owner of this piece with comfort and to return happiness to their lives fast. Allow them to heal and move on, to smile and feel protected and know they have a friend (me) they can lean on through the tougher days and hope that there are warm days coming

🧶 Blow out your candle and gift wrap your item exquisitely. Use dried flowers, wax seals, stickers. Make it Yule morning for your loved one. I have another tutorial for magical gift wrapping coming soon. For instructions how to use your tarot card gift tag template visit this tutorial

Gift wrapping with dried flowers, foil vellum and wax seal. Tarot card gift tag

I have been told these are a great comfort and that they really work to take the edge off. It’s not a service I offer commercially (1) because it’s very draining to pour energy like this and I want to make sure I put my absolute all into it energetically and (2) I’m stitching y’all an oracle deck as we speak

You can help someone more than you know because real magic is in us, it’s our will and what we do with it

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